Durable Bathroom Furniture

Durable Bathroom Furniture

At The Plumbing Place Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we have a large plumbing showroom that contains specialized bathroom furniture. The bathroom in your home in Florida will become damp and humid, so you can’t use wooden kitchen cabinets, storage shelving or chairs. At our plumbing warehouse, we stock an assortment of bathroom furniture that is rated properly for dampness so that the items won’t warp or develop mold growth. If you want to design a unique bathroom that has a makeup vanity, then look at our huge plumbing supply.

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When you have a huge bathroom inside your home, you can create different zones for styling your hair or applying makeup. In addition, you can create storage systems using the proper bathroom furniture from our plumbing showroom. If you have a tiny bathroom in a home, then it is imperative to add storage devices around the toilet, sink or bathtub so that you have a place for bath linens and beauty care supplies. In our plumbing showroom, you can find durable bathroom furniture that has a modern or vintage appearance. Visit The Plumbing Place today to see our beautiful selection of bathroom furniture.

The Plumbing Place in Sarasota, Florida, is Florida’s premier plumbing warehouse. Our plumbing showroom provides you with inspiration and demonstrations of the latest bathroom and plumbing fixtures. Browse our selection of chrome finishes, oil rubbed bronze faucets and other plumbing supply inventory the next time you’re in need of anything for your bathroom or kitchen.

High Grade Inventory

All the fixtures in our inventory are upscale and high quality. We also strive to keep the most innovative and up-to-date technologies in our showroom as well so that you can stay up on the times with modern designs that offer you the ultimate in aesthetics and function. Some of the prestigious names you can expect to find in our inventory include Kohler, Brassworks, Opella, Harrington, Rohl and countless others.

Huge Selection

We also make it a point to offer you a huge selection of styles to fit your space. We realize that not everyone’s space is the same, so we make sure to keep a diverse selection of sizes in our showrooms. For instance, select from quaint pedestal sinks for small powder rooms and impressively-carved vanities for larger bathroom spaces.

Come on down to our plumbing showroom today to pick out the bathroom and kitchen fixtures and more for your new construction or renovation.

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At The Plumbing Place Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we have an assortment of kitchen, bathroom and outdoor kitchen accessories available. Our plumbing showroom makes it possible for you to see a plumbing accessory before you make a purchase. We have a team of employees who can help you find the best accessories to make cooking or bathing easier. For your outdoor kitchen, you might want to have a sink with hot and cold running water in order to wash dishes outside your home. In order to have hot water, you will need a point-of-use water heater that is connected to a water source underneath the sink.

Our Plumbing Warehouse Is Filled With Fixtures

In a home’s bathroom, you may need to have a faucet with handles that are easy to use when someone has arthritic hands. If you want to fill large pans with water in your kitchen, then you will want a deeper kitchen sink. In order to install faucets, water heaters and sinks, our customers must have the correct pipes and connectors. Our plumbing supply team can help customers find the correct items for installing new fixtures inside or outside a home.

Updating your kitchen or baths?

They say kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Whether you are trying to love or list your home, a visit to the plumbing showroom at The Plumbing Place can help.

The Plumbing Place offers the biggest plumbing supply selection in southwest Florida. Even more impressive than the quantity of bathroom products is the quality. Whether you crave a bathroom that is upscale or on-trend, The Plumbing Place is sure to have the accessories you need to complete your design vision.

Don’t waste your time and money at a lesser plumbing warehouse. See the newest and best in bathroom tubs, toilets, showers, sinks, lighting and hardware at The Plumbing Place.

The Benefits of Lighted Mirrors and No Touch Faucets

The Benefits of Lighted Mirrors and No Touch Faucets

When you want to update a bathroom easily, you can install a lighted mirror above the sink’s countertop. Having a lighted mirror makes it easier to style your hair, apply makeup or shave a beard. To avoid an electrical shock, it is safer to have lights in a mirror rather than trying to use a separate lamp in your bathroom. Lighted mirrors are appropriate for the bathrooms in homes in addition to the bathrooms at a spa or hotel. While installing a lighted mirror, consider adding a no touch faucet to make it faster to wash your hands without using a faucet’s handles.

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No touch faucets are also fantastic in the kitchen so that you won’t contaminate a faucet’s handles with grease or other food debris. At The Plumbing Place Inc., in Sarasota, Fla., we have a huge plumbing showroom that makes it easy to look at lighted mirrors and no touch faucets. In most cases, you can order an item immediately because it is stored in our plumbing warehouse. We can also order bathroom or kitchen fixtures from plumbing supply companies.

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If you are building a new home in Florida, then make sure to visit The Plumbing Place in Sarasota. We have a huge plumbing showroom where you can see an assortment of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. In most cases, the fixtures on display are available in our plumbing warehouse, but we can also order specialty items for fast delivery to your new home. When you are able to build a new home, you want to choose the most attractive kitchen and bathroom fixtures, but looking at photographs of bathtubs, faucets or sinks is not enough to understand how the items look.

Providing Professional Plumbing Advice

Our plumbing supply includes numerous brand-name products so that our customers can find the toilets or shower stalls that they like the best. By visiting a large plumbing showroom, you can find fixtures from different companies while maintaining a cohesive decor. Our customers are able to look closely at plumbing fixtures along with touching the items to determine if the items are appropriate for their new home. Our plumbing warehouse employees can deliver products to do-it-yourselfer’s who are building their own home or to contractors who work for the new homeowners.

The Plumbing Place is the place for new fixtures

Bathroom and kitchen remodels are some of the best renovations to do in terms of adding resale value. And you can get an even better return on investment by doing a minor remodel in either of those spaces.

One of the things you can do that doesn’t cost a lot but adds a lot of value is to change out your plumbing fixtures. New faucets and shower heads can give your bathroom a significantly different look. You can make your bathroom or kitchen look more modern or you can stick with traditional fixtures. Changing fixtures also can allow you to make practical changes, such as improving your energy efficiency.

At The Plumbing Place, we can help you find the perfect fixture for your kitchen or bath. We have an extensive plumbing showroom with dozens of fixtures to choose from. And we keep a large inventory in our plumbing warehouse, so it’s likely you can find something in stock that you will like. Our plumbing supply can’t be beat, so when you are looking to change fixtures, make The Plumbing Place your first choice.

Looking for Touchless Faucets?

As one of the finest showrooms in Southwest Florida, The Plumbing Place provides Sarasota with top-of-the-line quality straight from our manufacturer. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, showerheads, towel bars and much, much more. Our plumbing warehouse is a great place to start if you are looking for the finest products and newest models.

One notable addition that many of our customers have been interested in is the touchless faucets that have becomes so popular in recent years. Touchless faucets are all the rage with people redesigning the look of their kitchens and bathrooms. They make your room look more elegant and stylish and also provide a very convenient way to keep your sinks clean. No longer will your handles get full of water and be left with spots from the water. Besides the fact that you will cut down on cleaning time, you also will benefit from the germ-free aspect of touchless technology. Since a person simply has to place their hands under the faucet, there is no spread of viruses or bacteria.

The Plumbing Place is your go-to authority on plumbing supply equipment. We offer excellent customer service, knowledgeable employees and an organization that is ready and willing to cater to whatever needs you may have for your hardware. If you are interested in upgrading your current faucets or other kitchen and bathroom accessories, stop by our plumbing showroom and talk to an associate today!

Need updated plumbing fixtures? We can help…

When looking to update your kitchen and bathroom with modern and aesthetically pleasing plumbing fixtures, the one place in the Sarasota area where you can get everything you need is The Plumbing Place. Check out our plumbing showroom, which showcases some of the top lines of fixtures. These include Rohl, with its elegantly crafted bathroom and kitchen faucets. Our plumbing warehouse also has in stock Sigma faucets, with their classic designs. For a more modern touch, there are faucets and fittings from Dornbracht. These faucets come with sleek designs, and some of them are made of 18 carat gold. Our plumbing supply also has faucets, fittings, and other fixtures from brands like Ammara, California Faucets, Delta, Jaclo, Kohler, and KWC. Contact The Plumbing Place at (941)378-5678 and let our staff start you on your way to enhancing the appearance of your bathroom or kitchen.

Landscape Edging Ideas for Water Features

When taking into account the entirety of the various pieces that make a cohesive condo, it can be all too easy to overlook minute details such as plumbing fixtures. However, even the most insignificant-seeming specification can make or break a the presentation of a home. We at the plumbing place understand the need for quality plumbing fixtures, and proudly present a veritable cornucopia of appliances for the home. Listed below is a short screed of benefits to installing the proper faucet in your condo, going over some of these benefits in detail to further cement the idea.

With the installation of a kitchen appliance courtesy of The Plumbing Place, you may quickly notice the added efficiency of your new faucet. Low Flow technology allows for an environmentally friendly experience with every trip to the kitchen or bathroom. Those worried about the future of the ecosystem need not worry when employing an aesthetically pleasing and safe model.

In addition to saving the environment, faucets presented by The Plumbing Place are fantastic examples of energy-saving expertise. Our company’s plumbing showroom and plumbing warehouse are prime locations to scope out the latest models. Plumbing supply has never been easier with The Plumbing Place.